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These men quickly gained support from The Most Reverend Anthony G. Bosco, Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. Support and confirmation of the timeliness of the idea came through a survey conducted at St. Augustine’s Parish by two Millvale Franciscan Sisters, Sister Coleman Conroy and Sister Veronica Marie Phillips. These six individuals formed Christian Housing, Inc. with the singular goal of developing subsidized housing for the elderly on available church properties.

Today, Christian Housing, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that gives assistance to individuals and organizations seeking a respectable independent living environment for senior adults. Christian Housing facilities are tailored to meet the needs as well as the financial resources of a wide variety of individuals. There are 14 facilities in the Western Pennsylvania region.

The founding of Christian Housing, Inc. in 1972 grew out of the combined efforts of several professionals who were keenly aware of the growing need for senior citizen housing. Two Catholic laymen, Frank and Edward Schneider initiated the idea of transforming unused church properties into sites for low-income adult housing. Rev. Paul Kuppe, O.F.M. Cap., a member of the Franciscan Capuchins, who was serving at St. Augustine Parish in Lawrenceville, also had an interest in the potential benefits of urban development for the elderly and poor and was a strong influence in advancing the idea of parish-sponsored housing.

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