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Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome Home
Are my family members and grandchildren able to visit?

Yes! Our Christian Housing buildings are welcoming places to reside, for our residents and for their family and friends. Visitors are welcome at the residents’ choosing and invitation.

Are there activities I can get involved in?

Yes! Most of our buildings have their own community group and social activities, such as bingo, movies and card games. Get-togethers for residents might include birthday celebrations and holiday dinners which give our residents a chance to enjoy each other’s company in relaxed settings. Local Senior Centers have outings and other activities available, should you choose to attend.

What happens if additional care is required?

At Christian Housing, we make efforts to assist with our residents’ health and overall well-being. Although the residents must be able to live independently, at some of our buildings a Service Coordinator is available to assist residents with medical and therapy appointments, senior companion services, health insurance, financial and legal issues, rent rebates and Access transportation needs or other support services that help simplify daily living. See next section below for more information on services provided by our Service Coordinators.

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