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Frequently Asked Questions
Service Coordinators
Will the information that I share with a service coordinator be kept confidential?

Service coordinators are bound by a Code of Ethics that require all of the personal information you share with them to remain confidential. The service coordinator will sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” in your presence when you first meet to discuss your concerns. You may keep a copy of this form for your records.

What types of services to service coordinators offer?

Financial Assistance services

Assists you in reading and understanding your bills, place calls to companies when there is an error.
Signs you up for benefits with companies who offer discounted services on heating phone services and other necessities.

Brings in banks or financial institutions that can help you with balancing your check book or other personal finance issues.

Advocates for you when you may have problems paying bills or work with companies that have payment plan options.

Negotiates quantity discounts with area businesses to provide lower cost goods and services.


Medical Assistance services

Provides assistance with prescription drug benefit plans (find companies that offer low-cost prescription medications).
Sets up a home health aide or needed nursing services

Sets up a “wellness clinic” where healthcare providers come to your community and offer free blood pressure screenings, cholesterol tests and other health-related tests.

Helps you read and understand your Medicare or Medicaid bills and statements.

Arranges physician appointments and transportation.

Collaborates with Discharge Planners, if you are admitted to a hospital, and work with them to make sure that your transition back home runs smoothly.

Arranges for medical equipment delivery and set up.

Distributes and helps you fill out Emergency Medical Information forms for paramedics to use in case of an emergency.

Daily Living Support services

Assist you in finding and arranging for homemaker assistance such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.

Arrange for grocery shopping services, pharmacy delivery, Meals on Wheels and other food preparation related services.

Arrange for transportation services for other shopping needs.

Educational Support services

Various presentations on topics related to living wills, telemarketing fraud, home health care providers, computer training and companion programs are periodically offered throughout the year.

Connect you with other educational and recreational programs in your community.

Work with libraries to have books and other resources delivered on a routine basis.

Assist your community in developing a residents association, if one does not already exist.

Set up senior companion programs or “buddy” programs for safety or crime watch services.

Legal Support services

Assist you in completing forms or obtaining necessary information regarding living wills or advance derivatives.

Assist you in reviewing your social security earnings statements.

Assist you in reviewing death or survivor’s benefits, or making funeral arrangements for a loved one.

What types of services can a service coordinator NOT provide?

Service coordinators are not permitted to provide direct services, which means that they may not perform the duties of a home health aide or homemaker. However, they can help make arrangements for services that perform these functions. Service coordinators can not serve as a “fill in” property manager. They can not perform the responsibilities for the office managers when he or she is not on site. And service coordinators do not work as the activity director. However, they can assist resident association in arranging for social events.

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