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Christian Housing celebrates 50 years of Safe and Affordable Housing for People in Need.


Christian Housing, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that provides housing individuals of limited income who are 62 or older or 18 years or older who have a mobility impairment and need the features of a handicapped accessible living space.

In the early 1970s, Christian Housing grew out of the combined efforts of six people: Sister Coleman Conroy, OSF and Sister Veronica Phillips, O.S.F. of the Sisters of St. Francis of Millvale; Fr. Paul Kuppe, O.F.M. a member of the Franciscan Capuchins; Two Pittsburgh businessmen, Frank and Edward Schneider; and Ralph A. Falbo, developer.


Sisters Coleman and Veronica went door-to-door to interview the members of the Lawrenceville community.  They discovered that there was a need for housing that would provide a safe and affordable place where people would be happy to call home.  Christian Housing was then established to fulfill this need.


Through the efforts of all parties, the first property, St. Augustine Plaza opened its doors in 1976.  Christian Housing went on to sponsor 21 more properties.


Christian Housing continues its mission a half-century later with a commitment to provide the very best housing to those that we serve with dignity, respect and compassion.  

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